Shrine of a Natural Deity

For clarification the extra chapters are meant to take place throughout the established timeline already covered by the chapters. Besides, Amber already did away with the most likely love interest this Suwako had so… yeah.

I may come up with something though.

'To Romance a Goddess' Bonus Chapters

So for a while I’ve been thinking about doing some bonus side-chapters for  the little backstory fanfic I have here called To Romance a Goddess. The idea would be to supplement a little material that would fit in throughout the story. If I’m going to do this, though, then I’d like to know what kinds of things people would want to see.

So, if anyone wants to request a certain topic within the story that they’d like to see something extra on, then feel free to let me know.

"Hey. Hey me. I'm bored. We should play a game, kero!"


"Sounds great, me! What kind of game were you wanting to play~?"



She did know! She was a lot better at the ‘pretending to be stupid’ game than Narau, that was for sure. “W-Well no, I was just floating by, more or less. I had no intention of taking your shrine.” 


"I’m not even sure what I would do with it if I did… a-anyway, if you know what I was, why were you pretending you didn’t?" Probably to make fun off her, she thought.

"Well it’s rude to ask if someone doesn’t tell you on their own, right? If you weren’t gonna tell me then I figured I’d leave you alone about it, kero." Suwako giggled, bouncing a little in place. "But then you started praying which was unexpected so I thought I might’ve confused you, see? It’s a lot easier if you just tell the truth to start with though."



"… ‘A game’?" Seija was getting mildly annoyed at Suwako’s persistence, but knowing her, she wouldn’t try anything out of the blue. For now. She was just trying to avoid any sort of eye contact, for a while. However, she struggled when Suwako tried to pull her hands away, yanking to the front in attempt to resist, without saying a word.

"Yeah, a game! You’re obviously trying to not look at me, so that seems like a kind of game that kids would play~" Suwako seemed quite happy to hang on to Seija’s hands at the moment. While her grip was not necessarily strong, it was surprisingly hard to shake. That same grip released Seija’s wrists to grab the amanojaku firmly by the cheeks as Suwako attempted to force eye contact. "I’m gonna wiiin, kero~ You should have said we were playing sooner!"

A cute bee girl wants to play with Suwako.


A cute bee girl? Is she a friend of Wriggle?

"Don't worry, we'll have a child...eventually!"


"No rush, kero~ I’m betting you’ll live a pretty long time so there’s no hurry to do it right away, right?"

Put these appearance headcanon symbols in my ask!


—— A headcanon about my character’s eyes.

—— A headcanon about my character’s hair.

—— A headcanon about my character’s lips.

—— A headcanon about my character’s skin.

—— A headcanon about my character’s nails.

—— A headcanon about my character’s legs.

—— A headcanon about my character’s nose.

—— A headcanon about my character’s hands.

—— A headcanon about my character’s feet.

—— A headcanon about my character’s smile.

☂ —— A headcanon about my character’s nails.

I’ll probably try to not overload too much information in case I get more than one of each symbol (unlikely but still).

The way I see it, Suwako’s fingernails and toenails are probably fairly short, not really useful even for getting a better grip on things, much less as weapons. Additionally her fingernails do not grow over time simply due to the fact that she physically does not change except when exerting faith. It is technically possible for her to grow out her nails at will, but this is not necessarily an easy trick and she doesn’t enjoy it much.



"…’Behaving’? Do you even know who I am?" Of course, being herself, she still refused to look directly at the goddess, because of that…interesting effect. However, Seija just panicked when Suwako started walking around her in front of her. Again, she turned back, this time covering her eyes, but still mantaining her sarcastic tone.

"I can’t feel ‘okay’, you know. Not after all of that ‘incident’ dissapeared so quickly."

"Sure you can feel ‘okay’! Okay is just everything normal, right?" Suwako chirped back. However, she did notice how obvious Seija was being about avoiding eye contact now. "And I was thinking you were feeling sick because you’re acting strange… but… are you playing a game?" It definitely looked like it as Suwako sprang over Seija’s head and grabbed her wrists to try pulling the hands away. "Peekaboo~!"